politics in 2020

Just Breathe ‘Merica!

Everyone is so angry!

It doesn’t matter which side of the political isle you’re on, you’re on the right one – according to you; and you’re not wrong.

We support a party or candidate that is in line with our beliefs. If I like what you stand for, support your plan and/or policies, you get my vote. That’s it! The end! I’m sure you feel the same way.

In theory, it’s an easy concept to grasp. But for some reason, it stirs up so much anger. Aren’t we all entitled to our own thoughts and opinions?

Shouting, name-calling, getting physical. These aren’t constructive ways to make anyone change the way they feel.  Sometimes even throwing out facts and figures won’t sway the needle one way or the other. We simply believe what we believe.

Independent thought and differing opinions are what strengthens a nation. Who wants to live in a world where individuality doesn’t exist and group-think rules?

So don’t stifle opposing opinions. Listen to them. You never know, you may learn a thing or two.


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