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Spread The Word

Business cards are a must-have. They’re portable and contain vital information: how to get in touch with you. Having a stand-out business card gives you and your business credibility. Whether you’re just starting out or have been providing products or services for a while, business cards tell people you have it together. You never want …


Smart phones are everywhere. But sometimes you want to be able to provide information without the need for cell service or WiFi. A brochure is the ideal solution for a tangible take-away.

Print Advertising

Media guides, event programs, and magazines continue to be a great way to get your name out to the masses. Print media is a marketing channel that can simultaneously promote a business and support an organizations within the community. Below are some examples of ads placed in media guides, event programs, and a community magazine.

graphics for digital led sign

Attention Seeking

To grab the attention of those driving by, a business needs that certain something to turn heads. Digital, LED message displays do exactly that. These vibrant displays are a great way to draw the eye because they allow for full color, dynamic graphics. Below are examples of sign graphics I created for a medical plaza …

On the Web

On The Web

When you need to look for something where is the first place you go? Your phone? Your computer? Your tablet? If you’re like me, it’s one of the above. Because of the digital age we live in, it’s important to know how to create images for the web. Creating eye-catching images is vital to capturing …

Smith Design Worx Logo Design


A logo can be simple or very detailed. But, all-in-all, it’s what makes you, well you. There are logos that everyone knows: Nike, Walmart, Starbucks. They all share the same common denominator, an identity. Below are logos that I’ve created. Below are some logos I created for my family and class reunions. These were used …


It’s important to pay attention to layout, imagery, coloring, and font selection when designing a flyer. Flyers are typically a what or when in a single page. The content needs to be concise and clear. Flyers have a purpose. They provide information on a product and/or service, promote an event, or be a source of …

blog writing by Stacey Smith

Blog Writing

Word are important. Words tell the reader about you, about your products or services. Above all, words answer the question of, “why you?” or “what about you makes what you have to say worth reading or hearing?” That’s why they hold so much weight. Because of this, it’s undeniably important to choose the right words. …

Not 2 Common Threads

Not 2 Common Threads

A local vintage clothing store was in need of an identity. Not 2 Common Threads was born. I worked with the owner to develop the name of her business, which then required the development of a logo and collateral for her new business venture. She wanted to run her business primarily online. To do that …